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  • Julie (Tuesday, March 11 14 06:07 pm EDT)

    I have been attending Ernesto's Sip-Spin & Dance classes for about a month now and they are awesome! He teaches salsa in a way that makes it seem like you are just having a good time but you are
    actually learning a lot. I've never felt so confident about my dancing abilities and I have never had so much fun in a dance class.

  • Tamara van Leeuwen (Wednesday, December 18 13 11:48 am EST)

    As a professional dancer myself I have had the privilege to work with Ernesto in booking him privates and working with him as his dance partner in some shows. He is one amazing person to be around
    and super talented in his craft. Its a promise that you will learn how to dance (in any style you wish actually) and have crazy fun in the meantime. Congrats on the website.

  • Lynne K. (Tuesday, December 17 13 05:37 pm EST)

    I have taken lessons with Ernesto for several years, and have danced with him in pro-am competitions. Whether as a teacher, performer, or choreographer, I can say without reservation that he provides
    a wonderful learning experience. He loves to dance, and now, so do I and so will you!

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